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Clement Cariot, Advanced Sommelier in the prestigious Guild of Sommeliers,
offers his suggestions for wine and food pairings to make the most of your dining experience with
Bleu Provence's award winning vins fins and cuisine.

Wine Pairing 'Rules'
Of course these are more guidelines than rules,
and not following them will not disqualify you from having a great time!

Your wine should always have an equivalent or superior acid level then your food,
or the wine will appear flabby.

Power / Weight
It’s preferable to have an equally weighted pairing, so that one doesn’t dominate the other. 

Having one or more tying flavor element between food and wine will always be beneficial to a pairing.

In this case matching and contrasting is permitted. 

Sweet / Savory
It is highly recommended to keep sweet and savory separated; not doing so will often result in
a metallic tasting wine, or a sour tasting food.

Emergency Rule
If available material won’t allow you to create a great pairing, go with what you like or Champagne! Nothing should stop you from having a great time, and Champagne is a very versatile wine that pairs an incredible range of food: sweet, savory, light, full, sophisticated, rustic, from caviar to fried chicken, Champagne will be your pairing friend.  


Goat Cheese & Honey Croustillant Salad Paired with Daniel Chotard Sancerre, 2013

To pair with our Goat Cheese and Honey Croustillant Salad Special (with apple, arugula, pine nuts, and an orange beet vinaigrette), I suggest a refreshing wine with citrus flavors to contrast the nuttiness and weight of the goat cheese. The wine also needs a touch of chalk like aroma to match the cheese’s earthiness. We would want an unoaked wine from a cool climate to keep the wine as refreshing and high energy as possible to match the intensity of the dish’s flavors coming from the apples and arugula. Our 2013 Daniel Chotard Sancerre by the glass matches all the required characteristics as well as our other bottles of Sancerre featured on our wine list.   

Experience this perfect pairing two ways . . . 
at Bleu Provence, or at home!

Dine in at Bleu Provence
Wine: Glass of Daniel Chotard Sancerre, 2013, $14
Wine: Bottle of Daniel Chotard Sancerre, 2013, $46
Food: Goat Cheese & Honey Croustillant Salad, $12.99

Dine out with Bleu Cellar
Retail: $22.99/Bottle, Daniel Chotard Sancerre, 2013 *
Recipe: Beet & Orange Vinaigrette Dressing

*10% discount off cases (12 bottles or more), full or mixed cases!  Delivery and shipping available!

Colorado Lamb Filet Paired with Clos de la Coutale Cahors, 2013

Our Colorado Lamb Filet Special comes grilled, with a garlic truffle crust, and is served with a truffle cauliflower mousseline, broccolini, and a cranberry lamb au jus. This dish calls for an elegant red wine, which marries power and balance, like our 2013 Clos de la Coutale Cahors, a blend of 80% Malbec and 20% Merlot. This wine has supple tannins to cut through the richness of the meat. The tannins will also combine with the crust of the filet to highlight the deep blue, black and red fruits of the wine, which will be the link with the cranberry au jus. The forest mushroom like aromas will also provide a flavor bridge between the mousseline and the wine. If you would like an alternative choice that comes in a full bottle for the table, the best choice will come from our wonderful Barolo selection. For a great new world alternative look to Mendoza for a more balanced Malbec from a single vineyard site.   

Experience this perfect pairing two ways . . . 
at Bleu Provence, or at home!

Dine in at Bleu Provence
Wine: Glass of Clos de la Coutale Cahors, 2013, $12
Wine: Bottle of Clos de la Coutale Cahors, 2013, $45
Food: Colorado Lamb Filet (7 oz), $39.99

Dine out with Bleu Cellar
Retail: $14.99/Bottle, Clos de la Coutale Cahors, 2013 *
Recipe: Truffle Cauliflower Mousseline

*10% discount off cases (12 bottles or more), 
  full or mixed cases!  
Delivery and shipping available!

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