Discover and Explore the Wine Regions of the World

Taste and learn about the most popular wine regions of the world.
We bring to you wines that are benchmarks for the area in terms of taste profile.

What to expect: Napa, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Mendoza, Barossa, Piemonte, Rioja
$150/month ~ 2-3 bottles

Discover up-and-coming wine regions or forgotten ones. We find the new and old star producers
from fringe wine regions and bring them to light, so they can receive the recognition they deserve.
What to expect: Beaujolais, Chinon, Cahors, Red Sancerre, Savoie, Jura, Etna, Ribeiro, Margaret River
$150/month ~ 2-3 bottles

$150 + 7% Sales Tax. In-store pick-up only. No shipping available.

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